ZDS products and electronic devices are tested before deliver, in order to guarantee longer lifetime for ZDS products and a full service for customers. 

ZDS products and electronic devices are tested before deliver, in order to guarantee longer lifetime for ZDS products and a full service for customers. ZDS Complete Solutions should be installed with our special protection devices and accessories such as: DRP, SLP, Master Panels, Kios Kit etc. These accessories are specially designed to protect ZDS products against incorrect installation or unexpected cases.

ZDS is the only company offering a 24 Months “No Quibble Warranty” on ZDS complete solution, correctly protected by ZDS devices. All products covered by No Quibble warranty, when claimed as faulty, will be immediately changed to the customer with a similar product; The claimed product together with “Product use certificate”, will be lately verified by ZDS Technician. In case the pump was damaged by incorrect use or because the installation was not made according to ZDS manual, ZDS will charge the customer of the new pump.

Regarding not assembled products, components (es motors, hydraulic parts, DRP, SLP etc.), or products not protected by ZDS devices, a 24 months standard warranty is valid. The standard warranty covers only manufacturing and materials defects. According to The standard warranty condition, ZDS Service has to inspect the claimed product before any new product can be delivered to the customer.

According to the standard warranty and No Quibble warranty procedures, the defective product must be submitted by the customer to the point of sale where the product was purchased or to the closest ZDS picking point. The Product Certificate must always follow the claimed product and be included in its box.

For any claimed product, tested by ZDS Service and resulting perfectly functionating, Euro 55 will be charged to the customer as cost for general control.

The warranty is not valid when the pump has been tampered and when damages are caused by: incorrect transport conditions (when the client organizes the transport), wrong electrical connections, wrong hydraulic connections and installations, applications that are not included in technical specifications, fluids incompatibility with construction materials, an excessive quantity of sand in the well (maximum sand quantity permitted 120g/m3), galvanic current, non-authorized technical modifications, electrical or hydraulic features that are not suitable to the product, insucient electrical protection, normal materials damages overtime, wrong technical choice of products, installations that do not follow existing standards and in case of natural disasters as (lighting, fire etc.).

No warranty is valid when products are new, never installed before and still in the original packaging. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase, proved by purchase documents within 24 months. For goods supplied through intermediary or distributor, the warranty period shall commence on the effective date of delivery to the end user (if verified), or within 48 months beginning from the date of manufacture.

Franklin products are covered by 24-months Franklin standard warranty. The warranty never includes the possibility of compensation. The granting of the warranty does not give the right to ask for direct and indirect damages caused by ZDS products. Any problem related to the warranty does not authorize the client to suspend contractual obligations.

Any disputes in regards to this contract, will be exclusively dealt in the court of Padova.