Pressure Control

Electronic device for direct start and protection of the pump against dry running.
Re-Start&Go keeps a constant working flow, thanks to the inner sensor and start up adjustable pressure switch. The water movement or the pressure decreasing (down the 1,5 bar factory adjustable value) starts the motor.

Thanks to the installation distance between the hydraulic part and the Re-Start&Go, it is avoided the formation of water condensation due to the difference of temperature between the ambient and the fluid.

  • Manual start switch (RESET)
  • Information led: POWER, ON (running), FAILURE

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  • kW: up to 1,1
  • Voltage range: 220/240V (50/60Hz)
  • Degree of protection: IP 65
  • Rated ambient temperature: max 60° C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar
  • Inlet and outlet diameter: 1"

Automatic protections

Dry-running protection

Dry-running protection

The Re-Start&Go protects the pump against dry-running. In case of dry running, the pressure control tries up to 9th automatic restart attempts in programmed schedules time. The last attempt is set every two hours without a maximum limit.

Model performance


Information on a proper installation



Re-Start&Go correct working happens with no sand inside the pumped liquid, for this reason we recommend to install a sand filter between the submersible pump and the Re-Start&Go device.
It is recommended to install the Re-Start&Go device with plumbing flexible pipes.
ZDS submersible pumps allowed maximum quantity of sand in the pumped liquid is 120 g/m3.

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