QPGo.P Single-phase Complete Solution (220-230V / 50 Hz)

4” complete solution made of ZDS technopolimer hydraulic part, 2-wire single-phase oil-cooled O2 motor and supply cable (different lengths available). These Complete Solutions, manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, are available up to the maximum delivery of 6.000 l/h and 150 m head. The O2 motor does not require a start and run control box, as the capacitor is built into it. The QPGo.P Complete Solutions are designed to be used in the following applications: lifting, distribution, and pressurisation in civil and industrial water systems, garden irrigation systems, filling of pressure vessels and tanks, fire-fighting systems and washing systems, drainage systems, fountains supply.

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  • kW: 0,37 - 1,1
  • Voltage range: 220-230V / 50Hz
  • Voltage tolerance 50Hz from nominal: +6% / -10% Un
  • Degree of protection: IP 68
  • Maximum quantity of suspended sand: 120 g/m³
  • Insulation: F
  • Rated ambient temperature: max 40° C
  • Cooling flow: min 8 cm/sec
  • Maximum starts/h: 150, equally distributed
  • Mounting: vertical/horizontal, shaft upwards
  • Maximum delivery (Q): 6.000 l/h
  • Maximum head (H): 150 m
  • Maximum immersion depth: 100 m
  • Outlet diameter: 1" ¼ G-F
  • Allowed range of water pH: 6,4 - 8,0

Automatic protections

Thermal protection

Thermal protection

The QPGo.P Complete Solution is automatically protected against motor overheating. This can happen because of: the high temperature of the pumped liquid; when the minimum distance between the pump installed and the well bottom isn’ t respected; when the pump is installed in well/tanks bigger than 4” without a proper cooling system; when the pump works in shut-off.

Overload protection

Overload protection

The QPGo.P Complete Solution is protected against against overload. In case the pump is partially or totally blocked, it automatically restarts as soon as the correct working temperature parameters are restored.

Model performance


Information on a proper installation

  • The correct pump must be selected considering the delivery pressure and the characteristics of the plant.
  • During installation of a submersible pump, it is necessary to verify if the power supply voltage is correct.
  • The correct pump operation is guaranteed when the power cable section is correctly selected, considering the motor power and the distance between the pump and the plug itself.
  • If you are using a generator with an internal combustion engine, it is necessary that the generator’ s power measured in kW (in continuous delivery) is three times the rated power in kW of the submersible pump.
  • To guarantee automatic operation mode (the pump starts and stops when open and close the tap) it is necessary to connect a pressure switch and a pressure tank of the correct size, if the plant is not already provided with them.
  • We recommend to install a proper cooling jacket in installations bigger than 10 cm, to guarantee the correct motor cooling flow.
  • The maximum quantity of sand allowed in the pumped water is 120g/m³.
  • In order to reset the thermal protections, disconnect the pump power, wait that the correct working temperature parameters are restored, then plug it in again.

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