The heart of ZDS is driven by a family’s passion to produce the best product in its market, using over 40 years of experience invested to make this happen.

ZDS,  headquartered in Padua,  is specialized in designing and manufacturing submersible pumps 4” for water treatment  and distribution; electric motors; electronic control systems and accessories. From the very beginning,  the company was focused on developing of automatic and innovative complete solutions thanks to built-in electronic protections that are ready to use, economical and easy to install. Innovative ideas have been supported by technical know-how and organizational skills gained from long-term experience which is rooted in the know-how of some historic manufacturers in the plumbing sector. The aim has been always common: to achieve the quality objectives, to be innovative and to meet customer requirements. Zds, in accordance with its high and ethical principles, bases its everyday work with full respect for its fundamental values by constructing quality products, introducing innovation. It is the company duty to ensure  that its clients as well as collaborators are satisfied and work with the respect for the environment.